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In the fall of 2007, a group of friends met up in a living room in Tempe, Arizona and created Dry River Yacht Club. We mixed together an assortment of musical references and high energy execution to create a sound that’s eclectic and entirely our own. We’ve recently released our 4th studio album “El Tigre,” produced by Craig Schumacher (KT Tunstall, Neko Case, Calexico, DeVotchka) of Wavelab Studio in Tucson, AZ.
We’ve also been touring the west coast, midwest, and southwest since 2008. Along the way we’ve been fortunate enough to share the stage with such notable acts as Wiz Khalifa, Capital Cities, The Flaming Lips, Devotchka, Calexico, Balkan Beat Box, Lindsey Sterling, Of Montreal, Devendra Banheart, Edward Sharpe and MZ, Bassnectar, The Shins, Paper Bird, March Fourth Marching Band, Grupo Fantasma, Del the Funky Homosapien, Pretty Lights, Bowerbirds, and too many other great bands to list.



“By two songs in I ditched my pen and pad- I wanted to be a part of the DRYC experience.”

—  April Stolarz, Dose of Rock – PHX alternative music blog

“Describing Dry River Yacht Club’s sound is no easy task. Not only does the Tempe octet sound unlike any other local band, but thanks to their use of such unconventional instruments as the bassoon, French horn, and accordion, they really don’t sound like anyone else, period. Imagine Björk singing for DeVotchKa and you’d at least be in the ballpark, but comparisons don’t really do the band justice.”

—  Mike Meyer, Phoenix New Times

“It’s not a question of if you will see Dry River Yacht Club but when you will see Dry River Yacht Club. The percussionist Henri (the band eschews last names so everyone’s on a first name basis) has a propane tank in his arsenal, although I’m not sure when or if he hit it because he was mostly obscured by singer/accordionist and resident dancing dervish Garnet for most of the set I saw the band at the Alwun House. The music of Dry River Yacht Club isn’t for the impatient or hurried. It’s laconic, sly sometimes somber, often celebratory, not strictly of this time but definitely embraced by inhabitants of it, recalling the classical flourishes of a Sufjan Stevens, the genteel spookiness of a St. Vincent and the old time vaudeville/cabaret swagger of a Dresden Dolls but still achieving a Dry River zeitgeist uniquely its own. ”

—  Serene Dominic, AzCentral.com

“The Ugliest Princess may well be on of the most important albums to come out of the Phoenix area in a long time, a band that could prove to have a long lasting career across the country and well beyond the native shores.”

—  Mitchell L. Hillman, Java Magazine

“The first thing you’re likely to notice should you find yourself wandering in unaware on a Dry River Yacht Club show is the instrumentation. Not the acoustic guitar. A lot of bands have those. But the Yacht Club’s eight-member lineup surrounds that acoustic with violin, cello, percussion, bass clarinet, French horn, bassoon and accordion, the last of which is wielded by a commanding lead singer whose voice is sure to make some people think of Bjork as raised by gypsies. On occasion, they’ve been known to add a trombone to the mix. The overall effect is what percussionist Henri Benard calls “gypsy Western folk-rock.””

—  Ed Masley, AzCentral.com

“It’s reflected in their sound – an artful mix of dark gypsy, bohemian, eastern European, Americana and world with a dash of early vocal blues, thanks to lead singer and squeeze box extraordinaire Garnet. The singer has drawn comparisons to Ani DiFranco, Zooey Deschanel and even Bjork. ”

—  Christina Caldwell, College Times

“Dry River Yacht Club showcases lead vocalist and accordionist Garnet. Members of the group round out the sound with instruments such as bass clarinet, bassoon, cello, violin, acoustic guitar, French horn and percussion for a transcendental dance party.”

—  Laurie Heuston, Mail Tribune

“DRYC have the ability to create an array of sounds that can either dovetail seamlessly or form layers. They can stir a whirlwind of emotion and collapse neatly at a moment’s notice, dialing dial up and down the intensity as necessary.”

—  Brian Bardwell, Phoenix New Times

“During the past few months, one band’s name has been on the lips of quite a few people I’ve run into. They’d all mention Dry River Yacht Club and get that far away look in their eyes like they’d heard something astonishing. This is a band to watch.”

—  Mike McQuillian, Yab Yum Music`

“Tempe group Dry River Yacht Club seems to float on the fringes of any discernable genre. See them for some catchy beats and haunting vocals”

—  Unknown, Flagstaff Live!

“A bassoon, a bass clarinet, a guitar, assorted percussion, a cello and ethereal vocalizations are the combined elements that give Dry River Yacht Club their strange but undeniable charm. ”

—  Jonathan McNamara, Phoenix New Times – Up On the Sun Podcast

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