Pure Collaboration

Pure Collaboration

Dry River Yacht Club – PURE COLLABORATION – indiegogo Campaign

Help us record and get vinyl for our new album + get exclusive merchandise for your contributions! The Campaign ends May 3, 2013.

We’re currently recording with world famous producer Craig Schumacher of Tucson, Arizona – definitely a dream come true for the Dry River Yacht Club. We know Craig’s talent and experience will push us to create a recording our friends, family, and fans can be proud of, and our collaboration with River Jones Music Label has guaranteed our album the very best in promotion and distribution.

In the past we’ve had a very limited budget but we pushed ourselves to release CDs because we felt adamant about sharing our music with others. This time we’re going to spend the money necessary to make a recording that represents the positive energy of our live show and release the album on vinyl to capture the depth of our sound. Supporters of our campaign will give us this boost of extra money we need for production.

As a band, we have half of the projected recording cost of $10,000, and we’re asking our supporters to contribute the other half.


One Response to “Pure Collaboration”
  1. I had the honor to work with u on you’re video “The Rap Of Persephone”; Thank-you, for the collaboration with Joules Of Jade Jewelry Designs, with Lauren Rose Francio who was did an amazing Job acting and pratreying the victim of circumstances! I absolutely enjoyed seeing you’re shows when I lived in Arizona, and truly miss the music seen in Tempe! I only wish, I could have met all of the band in person before I left, but I was the Jewelry Artist/fan of the Bands on the sceen of most major venues, I hope you know how you’re music makes the viewer, not just me; but the people that come to listen too you…really enjoy and rock out too you’re music! I am a big follower of The Dry River Yauht Club Band and welcome you into my home if you ever have a venue in Austin, Texas! Thanks, for all of you’re support for a new upcoming Jewelry Artist like myself!

    Cherish Prather

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